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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

About Money while in Costa Rica

If you are planning to come to Costa Rica, It is best not to bring US $100-dollar-bills. You might ask, “Why not”? Well, Central America has been flooded with false bills, and everyone from banks to restaurants is not accepting them. I would say it is best for you to bring smaller bills and travelers cheques. Also make sure your US bills do not have tears and are in good condition, because banks and businesses in Costa Rica will not accept torn dollars.

Some extra things I would like to say:

1. Before you leave make sure you know what the current exchange rate is so you will not be ripped off. You can check the current exchange here. When in Costa Rica do not exchange money with exchangers on the street, because their commissions will be much higher than the local banks. You can check the current exchange here

2. Money – Never carry large amount of money on you while traveling within the country, keep it in a safe, locked container or even a Locked suitcase. Don’t Exchange all your money at once; exchange some dollars every couple of days.

3. Never show off or flash your money.

4. When leaving and you are exchanging Costa Rica colons back to US bills, make sure you do not receive counterfeit money. It can be easy to detect counterfeit money, but other times it is not. I know a site that will help you to know your US bills. You check how to here


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