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Friday, January 20, 2006

Beware of scams in Costa Rica

You may be ready to travel to Costa Rica. You finally made a decision, you want an adventure. You want to explore the beautiful country. You may also want to explore the jungle. You might also bring a friend or a loved one. Before you go, it is essential to be aware of predators. No, I am not talking about animals. These predators are human, and set up schemes to trick you into a scam. He will try to gain your trust, then steal and run away with your money. He is usually an American, or from an English speaking country. But unfortunately though, these types of predators come in all shapes, sizes, and are from different countries.

You should always be very cautious when traveling if someone tries to “pitch” something to you when traveling. The predator may try sell false or run-down property, or yacht, or a “cheap discount bargain” for your trip.

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