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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tourist Spots in Costa Rica

You have finally decided to go on a vacation to Costa Rica. You now need to choose which destinations you would like to visit. Costa Rica offers many tours and destinations to visit such as cities, rainforests, and even live volcanoes.

San Jose
San Jose is the Capital of Costa Rica and offers some must-see tourist spots. A good tourist spot is the Teatro Nacional, which is located in central section of San Jose. The Teatro Nacional plays several performances each week. If you take a city tour, this will include admission to the Teatro Nacional, and it is also a good way to get a layout of the city. There are also several museums in the nearby areas where you can learn about the history of Costa Rica.

If you would like to see a combination view of beaches, jungles and wildlife, then Cahuita is a great place to visit. Cahuita is a small town located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Cahuita has a jungle path in the National Park you can walk through. There are a lot of animals to be seen in the National park such as monkeys, blue crabs, sloths, green snakes, and much more. Cahuita has a “Jamaica feel” with it and also have black and white sand beaches.

Volcanoes are big tourist attractions in Costa Rica. If you want to visit a volcano close to San Jose, then Poas or Irazu should be good picks. If you are willing to go farther, then Volcano Arenal would be a preferable choice. Volcano Arenal is an active volcano in Costa Rica. You must visit this volcano at night, the view is awesome, and is something to remember. You will see and listen to the glowing red bubbling streams and red-hot boulder blast into the air and then tumble down the volcano as it breaks apart.

I would suggest to you to also visit the Tabacon Springs located at the base of the Arenal Volcano during the daytime. You will witness a beautiful view while soaking in warm pools, which the temperature is affected by how high up towards the volcano you decide to travel.


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