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Monday, October 23, 2006

Best Approach to seeing all of Costa Rica

I've never used the bus, but understand they are a very good alternative. The advantage to the rental car is you have more flexibility. On each of my trips, the rental car has proven to be the most expenive part of the trip, so the bus would be much more cost effective. Also, taxis are really cheap. IF there are more than 4 of you, you may look into hiring a van with driver. If you rent a car, make the reservations before you go. I've had good luck with Budget. Make sure you inspect the car inside and out for damages before you accept it and have the attendant note any scratches, etc. Also check to make sure it has a spare tire and radio antenna. There are also some other "hassle" issues with renting a car---driving can be an "adventure" on some of the roads, and you have to be vigilant to theft and breakins. But, if you use common sense, you'll be OK.


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