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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio should be on a list of things to do in Costa Rica. This is a very popular place to visit. This is due mostly to the wildlife and beauty of the area. Manuel Antonio have mountains and ocean, and lots of activities that are either challenging or educational. The festivals are happening all over the country in January and February, the bulls come to Quepos as well. In Manuel Antonio the activities vary from Sportfishing to Nature Walks. The sportfising is world known for the Marlin and Sailfish. The national park is one of the smallest parks in the country, but is considered to be the most visited. Manuel Antonio have three kinds of monkeys, the Titi, the White Face, and the Howler monkeys. Manuel Antonio also have three and two toed Sloth, and an amazing amount of tropical and marine birds. Since Manuel Antonio is more south than Liberia and San Jose, it rains more there. January is summer and so it is the dry season, but it is still very green.


At 4:31 PM, Blogger Paul said...

I am going to Manuel Antonio for my honeymoon in March and I want to knowo what to do when I get there. what are the best things to do there . Thanks so much- Paul Kent


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