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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Visiting the Dominical area

I have stayed at the Hacienda Baru. It is very nice. It is a little rustic. If you are into surfing you will love it. It is also very quiet, but a couple of miles away is Dominical if you want to get a little louder. A lot of wildlife in Hacienda Baru, monkeys and more. Great path leads down to the beach. No body surfs there but you could because the waves are always kicking in this area. I have been to Dominical 3 times. I rented a 4X4 everytime I went and it is the only way to go, that way you can stop and do what you want when you want. There is a great left point break down I think about 1 - 2 miles south of dominical. It's been 2 years since I went there? Matapalo is the place to surf. I have caught some rides there that were so long I had a smile on my face for like 2 months after. Although I have seen Matapalo too small but not often, and if worse comes to worse you can drive down about 20 -30 mins to Carate beach that always has waves. July is a very good time for surf in Southern CR. The drive from Dominical to Osa is a good 6 hours I would say. Just plan on a day and you will be alright. You can certainly catch the evening glass off, even if you surf in Dominical in the morning and then leave. It is a hard and long drive but very nice. If you like the wild life (animals and such) the Osa is the place to go. Matapalo is very lush and a pretty good place to see the animals.


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