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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Costa Rica Travel: Rincon in Costa Rica

Today I am publish a woman's experience in Rincon with her husbands I hope you find this post useful

Rincon is one of my favorite places. I went twice in one week. Once with a spanish class group and then when my husband joined me down there. I just had to show it to him.
The actual road to Rincon is not paved and is pretty rough. There is a gate where you will have to pay a small fee to drive on it. Haven't done the horseback riding up there. My husband doesn't like to ride so we stick to hiking. There are lots of fumerols, mud pots, and just neat things to see. The weather at the top wasn't safe when we were there so we never did get up there. It was very very windy. There is a little store on the road up that you could buy some water, etc. but plan on bringing anything you would need because there isn't any place to buy anything once you are up there. It is not crowded. There is a place to swim also. I would plan a full day there with a packed lunch. The coatis will definitely come begging if they smell food so don't leave anything lying around.
The horseback riding at Los Innocentes was nice. It was an easy ride but we did see quite a bit. The horses are in good condition. I did get to do that.
The food at LI (los innocentes) was good but the menu choices were the same everyday for both lunch and dinner. The road to LI is very good by Costa Rican standards. Pan Am hwy to close to the Nicaraguan border then a right and it is on that road.
We didn't get to Santa Rosa but that area is interesting. We stayed at a ranch not too far from the park that was large enough to keep us busy. Have heard that it is a nice park.


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