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Friday, November 03, 2006

Travel in Costa Rica on a low budget

As for Costa Rica, it is not a cheap country. Although transportation is good, comfortable , the restaurants, nightlife and touristic attractions are a bit expensive (no less than US$10 the meals at the restaurants), since Costa Rica is a country whose economy is based principally on tourism. If you want to go in a budget, just buy your meals at supermarkets (Automercado in San José have really cheap prices), go all day in bus, and try to go at least to one or the national parks (I personally enjoyed the Poás and Manuel Antonio National Parks)

Another park I like in Costa Rica is the Corcovado National Park in the South, and that is free, you only need to have or rent a tent in the nearest village Puerto Jimenez, there you can sleep for 2 dollars a night and see beautiful ara's, from there you get a lift to the seaside and you will come on a camping side and from there you can start the hike of 16 km (I think) but it's beautiful, DON'T FORGET FOOD! Nicaragua:Lago de Nicaragua Guatemala: Panachajel but lots of Gringo's, Antigua: lots of students and partiesand volcano, Tikal: mayasites in the jungle


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