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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fishing tourney(tournament) in Costa Rica

This blog should be of interest to you who enjoy fishing. About 28 anglers will compete
in the Stu Apt Fly Fishing Sailfish Tournament Jan 31 at the Golfito Sailfish Rancho.

Benefits that the tournament will gain will raise money for the Costa Rica Sport Fishing Association, and also will help promote sport fishing. There will be two teams of anglers with a certified International Game Fishing Association observer on each team. The victorious team will be invited to fish in the Rolex/International Game Fishing Association offshore championship in 2007.

Monday, January 30, 2006

How to Make A Million Dollars in Costa Rica?

Here is a insteresting article from insidecostarica

How can you get your hands on a million dollars in Costa Rica? The possibilities are endless. Some are just fantasy, wishful thinking, while others aren't so legal or moral, depending on your point of view, and some are just too darn hard work.

One of the possibilities which is quick and can make you famous at the same time is get on a "reality" program, you know those television programs on U.S. television where people make fools of themselves, like the Amazing Race, which by the way, included a segment on Costa Rica. Of course you have to follow the clues and be good at travel in foreign lands, which may limit your ability to reach the final line for the big prize.

Another possibility, more effective and definitely brings results, is get into politics. The plan is simple, get elected to public office and then wait for one or more corrupt businessmen to offer bribes. Of course, this is a long term plan as you first have to win the confidence of the people and get elected. And there are those who will be watching your every move and checking your bank account. But hey, you made this far, I am sure you can by now be canny enough to hide your million.

Continuing our journey trough fantasy, another possibility is to become a "consultant". It really can pay off if you already held public office. You can sell your "expert" opinion to corporations who want government contracts and will pay you close to a million, which will brings you close to the target. Unfortunately this possibility will mean moving away from your family and friends and having to live in places like Switzerland and returning to Costa Rica is not an option, no matter how much they ask you to come back.

The lottery is always an option, but not a Costa Rican lottery, since they payoff is in colones and nowhere near your target. You will have to buy one of those North American lotteries and then hide your winnings in Costa Rica.

Robbing a bank can pay off instantly... but it could end up costing your life or your liberty for a long time. Swindling another millionaire is a thought, but surely millionaires are astute enough not to fall for your scam; which then leaves the possibility of marrying a million, but then you would have to live with the shame that everyone knows your game plan.

Another possibility is to work hard at it. You could publish an online news magazine, develop a super website or rent cellular telephones to tourists. Working hard will give you the satisfaction of having "made it yourself". The only disadvantage to this plan is having to work hard. So, if you came here for the answer, you are looking for the easy way out and hard work is definitely not for you.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Bus fare increase in Costa Rica

If you plan to travel in Costa Rica by bus, make sure you bring enough money. World wide gasoline prices are skyrocketing, and Costa Rica is not immune to this. It cost 35 colons for a liter, 35 colons for regular, and 16 colons for diesel.

The Aresep (Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Publicos) regulates public transportation and prices. They plan to increase the fare after requests for bus fare hikes. Some routes will cost more than others. The request for the bus fare increase can be from 13% to 75%.

The Aresp will hold public meetings in different locations.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Beware of scams in Costa Rica

You may be ready to travel to Costa Rica. You finally made a decision, you want an adventure. You want to explore the beautiful country. You may also want to explore the jungle. You might also bring a friend or a loved one. Before you go, it is essential to be aware of predators. No, I am not talking about animals. These predators are human, and set up schemes to trick you into a scam. He will try to gain your trust, then steal and run away with your money. He is usually an American, or from an English speaking country. But unfortunately though, these types of predators come in all shapes, sizes, and are from different countries.

You should always be very cautious when traveling if someone tries to “pitch” something to you when traveling. The predator may try sell false or run-down property, or yacht, or a “cheap discount bargain” for your trip.

You can read about schemes, fraud, and scams here

You can read about property fraud in Costa Rica here

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Costa Rica's Climates

Costa Rica has a variety of climates in the country; from cloud forest to the golden beaches (You’ll also get to see Tortoises and their nests there) and many more areas. Overall, Costa Rica’s climate is mild. There are basically two seasons in Costa Rica. One is the dry season and the other is the wet season. Costa Rica is one of the best places to travel to have a tropical experience

The Barra Honda National Park contains different species of birds and animals you will not see anywhere else in the world.

If you want to tour the forests on foot you can get a tour guide. A tourist can also jump on the zip lines, and simply fly by through the forests.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Coffee and Costa Rica

Millions of people in the US drink coffee, but amazingly most never seen a coffee field, or even know how a coffee plants looks.

Costa Rica has some great coffee. While I was in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica I have bought me a bag of coffee from the Market Place. The shop buys fresh coffee beans from local growers, so therefore the coffee is usually fresh and delicious.

If you are interested in how coffee is made, Costa Rica have coffee tours tourists can visit. The coffee fields are up in the mountains. It is pretty cool to see the shining dark green plants.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

About Money while in Costa Rica

If you are planning to come to Costa Rica, It is best not to bring US $100-dollar-bills. You might ask, “Why not”? Well, Central America has been flooded with false bills, and everyone from banks to restaurants is not accepting them. I would say it is best for you to bring smaller bills and travelers cheques. Also make sure your US bills do not have tears and are in good condition, because banks and businesses in Costa Rica will not accept torn dollars.

Some extra things I would like to say:

1. Before you leave make sure you know what the current exchange rate is so you will not be ripped off. You can check the current exchange here. When in Costa Rica do not exchange money with exchangers on the street, because their commissions will be much higher than the local banks. You can check the current exchange here

2. Money – Never carry large amount of money on you while traveling within the country, keep it in a safe, locked container or even a Locked suitcase. Don’t Exchange all your money at once; exchange some dollars every couple of days.

3. Never show off or flash your money.

4. When leaving and you are exchanging Costa Rica colons back to US bills, make sure you do not receive counterfeit money. It can be easy to detect counterfeit money, but other times it is not. I know a site that will help you to know your US bills. You check how to here

Monday, January 09, 2006

Costa Rica Colons Pt. 2

I wanted to show you some examples of how some Costa Rica Colon bills look. Here are two examples:

Most colons have similar colorful designs.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Costa Rica Colons

A colons is what money is called in Costa Rica. Different colons in value are usually manufactured in different colors. The exchange rates for colons (with US dollars) are usually in the range 200-400s for each US dollar. You can exchange your money into colons in the local banks at the airports in Costa Rica.

Traveling within Costa Rica

Taking a taxis or cab in Costa Rica is probably the best and easiest way to travel within the country. The cabs are red in color. Before you take a taxi it is best that you ask how much the trip will cost. (As you should anywhere else) Never ride in a taxi with a broken meter. Some taxis are own by semi-independent owners called “Cooperativas,” while others are either privately owned cabs or are “pirate taxis”. It is best to avoid pirate taxis. There have been cases of robberies. Pirate taxis are usually a totally different color, and has no meter. If one wants to provide service to you, just politely say no.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


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