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Friday, April 28, 2006

Costa Rica Travel: Costa Rica Surfing

My last post was about the beaches in Costa Rica, so it would make sense to give some info about surfing there as well. Costa Rica has more than fifty surf breaks and there are spots that have waves all year long. If you ever plan to surf in a trip in Costa Rica, you might be interested in the following surf breaks

Manzanillo – Very fast break

Potrero Granda – Fast breaks, but has no road access

Witch’s Rock aka. Playa Naranjo – Strong winds and has is a spot that is one of the best breaks in Costa Rica

Playa Negra – One of the best breaks in Costa Rica with fast waves

Playa Escondida – You must be a member of the beach club if you want to reach it by land

Playa Hermosa – This beach break is very strong

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Costa Rica Travel: Costa Rica Beach

The beaches in Costa Rica are beautiful to view. Beaches in Costa Rica also draw a lot of attention from the yearly tourists that visit Costa Rica. Costa Rican beaches are located at the coastline and provide multiple choice spots to visit. Guanacaste in Costa Rica has several beach destinations you might want to visit.

The Playa Blanca beach has white sand. Playa Blanca can be very sunny during the dry season.

About Southeast of Playa Carillo, the Playa Bejuco beach can be found. You can find strong waves there.

The Playa Barco Quebrdo Beach has grayish sand with cliffs at the end of the beach.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

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