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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What you should know about hiking up Chirripo in Costa Rica

Hiking in Costa Rica is a great way to discover Costa Rica’s natural environment while also satisfying your desire of being an explorer. If you are planning to hike in Costa Rica, then Chirripo, the highest peak in Costa Rica, is a must. The mountain is located in the Chirripo National Park, which is in the middle of the country.

On a clear day you will be able to see the Caribbean and the Pacific when you reach the top. I would suggest though that you make sure you are fit before going through the challenge of hiking at Chirripo, because when you are climbing thousands of vertical feet, the trail can be demanding. I would also suggest you to get an early start hiking in the morning when light is coming out. Climbing Chirripo can take from 7-8 hours hiking up and 7-8 hours hiking back down.

Before you make plans for hiking in Chirripo, make sure you make reservations before you leave and arrive in Costa Rica.


Make sure you are prepared and well equipped before hiking in Chirripo. Bring a backpack that fits you. Try not to bring too many items but only what is necessary, because you are going for a constant hike up the mountain. Make sure you bring something to keep warm such a jacket, sweater, and sleeping bags. The weather up in Chirripo is very cold, even during the summer! Also bring something for rainy weather, but no raincoats.

Bring comfortable sturdy hiking boots and some thick socks. You would be wise to bring anything you may need like band-aids, soap, and a small first aid kit. You also will have to bring your own food, so bring something that will give you energy but yet do not expire quickly, such as pasta, food bars/drinks (just bring the powder ones), dried fruit, and oatmeal. Along with the food bring some packs of cocoa, tea, or coffee. There is a lodge upward and you don’t have to worry about the water because it is clean. Make sure you have everything that is necessary but at a minimum.

How to reach Chirripo

San Gerardo is where the trip starts. You can take a bus, and walk up to where the trail begins in the Chirripo National Park. You can also hire a taxi to drive you the whole way, which is more expensive than taking the bus, but much quicker.

Tourist Spots in Costa Rica

You have finally decided to go on a vacation to Costa Rica. You now need to choose which destinations you would like to visit. Costa Rica offers many tours and destinations to visit such as cities, rainforests, and even live volcanoes.

San Jose
San Jose is the Capital of Costa Rica and offers some must-see tourist spots. A good tourist spot is the Teatro Nacional, which is located in central section of San Jose. The Teatro Nacional plays several performances each week. If you take a city tour, this will include admission to the Teatro Nacional, and it is also a good way to get a layout of the city. There are also several museums in the nearby areas where you can learn about the history of Costa Rica.

If you would like to see a combination view of beaches, jungles and wildlife, then Cahuita is a great place to visit. Cahuita is a small town located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Cahuita has a jungle path in the National Park you can walk through. There are a lot of animals to be seen in the National park such as monkeys, blue crabs, sloths, green snakes, and much more. Cahuita has a “Jamaica feel” with it and also have black and white sand beaches.

Volcanoes are big tourist attractions in Costa Rica. If you want to visit a volcano close to San Jose, then Poas or Irazu should be good picks. If you are willing to go farther, then Volcano Arenal would be a preferable choice. Volcano Arenal is an active volcano in Costa Rica. You must visit this volcano at night, the view is awesome, and is something to remember. You will see and listen to the glowing red bubbling streams and red-hot boulder blast into the air and then tumble down the volcano as it breaks apart.

I would suggest to you to also visit the Tabacon Springs located at the base of the Arenal Volcano during the daytime. You will witness a beautiful view while soaking in warm pools, which the temperature is affected by how high up towards the volcano you decide to travel.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Costa Rica Travel: Tortuguero National Park

The Tortuguero National Park has several rainforests, swamps, and provides habitat homes for over 500 species of wildlife. The park alone is home to thirteen of the sixteen endangered animals in Costa Rica.

The Tortuguero National Park is also a nesting colony for green sea turtles and also hawksbill turtles.

Each year thousands of tourists visit the Tortuguero National Park to see the rainforest and turtles