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Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean Holidays

The Caribbean is an area in the Caribbean sea that includes many islands. The islands have a historically mixed culture with influence from Indian, African, and Spanish heritage. The islands with their white sandy beaches, bright blue water, and carnival celebrations, the Caribbean will fulfill your fantasy of a paradise island. As there various islands to choose from, you can either concentrate your vacation on one, or island hop to several by boat. A Caribbean holidays vacation will prove to be a favorite escape whether you are traveling by yourself or with friends and loved ones.


The weather throughout the Caribbean will vary from island to island, but the temperature is often moderate year-round. During both the summer and winter seasons, the temperatures is between 70 and 85F, though the early mornings and late nights are often much more cooler. Even though the Caribbean is a tropical place, the chances of experiencing any type of extreme weather is small. The Caribbean also only experience heavy rain in the case of a hurricane, but direct hits are rare.

Things to do

There are so many variety of choices for activities and attractions in the Caribbean, on different islands, that you would barely begin to to scratch the surface even if you visited the Caribbean dozens of times. You can sun tan on the beautiful beaches of Jamaica, or explore under water while scuba diving. Enjoy the celebrations in the Bahamas after you finish a day sailing and fishing in its bright blue waters. The Carnival in Trinidad is more than just a parade, it is a life experience that you will not forget. Guadeloupe offers french style dining, which you can enjoy after a day in awe of it natural paradise. Most of the larger islands such as Jamaica also will have golf courses, but the upper scales ones are often owned by hotels.


There is a variety of accommodation on the islands, including villa resorts, private villas and major hotels. Airfare packages often provide the best hotel price, but when choosing an all inclusive holidays vacation, you should choose a package that matches with your goal of travel. You should choose a accommodation that will best match your plans and needs for your vacation. A example would be if you decide to spend your honeymoon in the Caribbean, a romantic or honeymoon package would work perfectly for you. You should make sure to ask for the features of the room before you arrive to the hotel, as some hotels may or may not offer creature comforts such as air conditioning. If you find the hotel prices a bit high for your taste, during the middle of April to December hotels prices are significantly reduced and this is something you should take advantage of.

You should try to time your vacation to the Caribbean during a carnival, as a Caribbean holidays vacation would not be complete without dancing in one.


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