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Tourism Activities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Central America with a lot to offer the tourists. It also has one of the most affordable tourist destinations in this day and age, with a month's stay costing only roughly as much as low cost life insurance plan. It is situated North America and South America and so the country is like a land bridge for both the Americas. It’s a country with moderate income, wide ranging tourist facilities and a lot of people speaking English as a second language. San Jose is the country’s capital. The country’s Spanish heritage are worth seeing. There are also nature’s glorious flora and fauna in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has many national parks, which are the country’s main features. There are beautiful coastline to see, great adventurous sporting activities to do and great hotels and resorts to stay. There is always an option to camp outside, under the starry sky and feel the nature’s beauty. The number of wildlife species living per 10,000 is 615. The number of ecosystems in the country is like 12. So Costa Rica has the most exciting ecological tour.

The Capital-San Jose has the touch of Spanish architecture;both traditional and modern. If you are interested in visiting places within the Capital, there are Teatro Nacional, Legislative Assembly Building, Parque Central, The National Museum and the Museum of Gold. There are parks like the Parque Nacional, the Parque Morazán and the Parque Bolivar.

The coastline of Costa Rica is really gorgeous and it has Atlantic Ocean on one side and Pacific Ocean on the other side. This allows the tourists to find out different species from the sea. There is an extraordinary diversification of marine life here. Whales while migrating can be seen. Dolphins of different types, sea turtles and endangered species of West Indian manatee are also present here in Costa Rica. There are also coral reefs in the coastline. The San Lucas Island has marvelous beaches. Beautiful beaches are also available near Guanacaste, Quepos and Golfito. Another Island in the Pacific side is Isla del Coco. The island has a myth that once upon a time when there were pirates, some of the pirates came to hid their treasure here.

Costa Rica has a very small percent of earth’s total land, which is only 0.1%. But it has 5% of the whole earth’s biodiversity. There are many kinds of birds, monkeys, lizards, frogs, snakes, and butterflies available in Costa Rica. Some rare kinds are also present here like Leatherback turtles, Morpho Butterflies and the Central American squirrel monkey. Many different species make the jungle an incredible view. The forests are divided into three types and are called the rain forests, tropical dry forests and cloud forests. Costa Rica is covered with rain forests about a quarter of its land. Canopy tours can be fun and it is a great way to explore the rain forests and engulf the beauty of it. Canopy tour was first developed by some U.S. scientists. They were trying to build up a system where studying of the trees would be bone without troubling any life on the limbs and trunks of the tree. Canopy tour was the solution. Many people have started to explore rain forests this way. Canopy tour makes it possible to view the plants and animals at their most natural state. The dense plants underneath the trees sometimes make it hard to see clearly though. Some walkways have been hanged to walk above the trees’ canopy. And there is another extreme type of canopy tour which is to connect trees with lines by building platforms and to send the tourists go across the forest one tree to another using safety harness. Well, you will need a strong heart for doing something like that. There are risks also. You can be safe by choosing a standard, efficient canopy tour operator. People are advised strongly to be careful while choosing their tour operators. Take appropriate safety measures to lower the risk and always be sure there is two straps that fastened you. Costa Rica’s national parks have canopy tour operators.

Costa Rica is a place where adventures can be found in plenty. Scuba diving is one of the adventurous sports. As you will go underwater you will find the nicest and weirdest collection of marine life. There are travel agencies and tour groups who are offering the tourists scuba diving. People can go underwater and find a new view there. There are professional courses for scuba diving available in Costa Rica. Shops giving quality scuba diving equipment for rent can be found here. Fishes swimming from here to there and other amazing sea lives can be seen by scuba diving. The temperature of the water is also great for scuba diving. You can just swim along the colorful fish and shark. Best place for doing the diving is Bahia Drake or Drake Bay. The Isla del Cano and Isla del Coco have spectacular view underwater. Isla del Cano has as much as dolohins of 3 species, coral of 18 species and crustaceans of 57 different species. The Caribbean coast isn’t as good as the pacific one. All of these things make Costa Rica an ultimate scuba diving spot.

Arenal Volacano and Northern Low lands are the Costa Rica’s hottest tourist destination. It is said that most visitors like the volcanoes most. Arenal is one of the active volcanoes of the world. So great excitement follows while going to visit the Arenal. There are regular eruptions and rumbling from inside the volcano can be heard. Climbing the mountain will be dangerous as the gases are fatal for you .There are also hot springs- the natural ones for people to have some relaxation. For a nature loving person Arenal region has hiking options and also trekking tails near the volcano.

This exuberant place has many activities for the adventure-lovers as well as nature lovers. Activities like white water rafting, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, scuba diving, sailing, bungee jumping, and charter boat excursion. Canopy tours and nature treks etc are the vital parts of a tour to Costa Rica. So come to Costa Rica and enjoy!

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