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San Jose

My flight lands in Juan santamaria International airport. This is my first time in Costa Rica, so I am very excited. My passport was checked, everything is fine, and I quickly go by. I find a local bank at the airport and exchange my money into colons. When I step out I notice the weather is pretty warm. I catch a cab and ask the driver do he knows where Interamerican in Turrialba city. The driver says yes and off we go. As we drive through San Jose I study the city. San Jose is pretty much westernized and looks like an American city. I notice what seems to be a lack of street signs though, and am impressed that the cab driver knew where to go. We soon reached my destination, and I hop out the cab.


My backpacking group goes out to eat in the town. I am pumped up and ready to go. After breakfast everybody introduce themselves to each other. We all check our equipment. Once we are fully prepared, off we go to the San Agustin Reserve to reach the base camp. The base camp, where we start our journey, is located there.

When I arrive at the base camp, I check out the surroundings. The scenery is beautiful. There are a lot of lush green plants and trees. The air has that great “forest scent”. I walk around and check out the camp. The camp sort of reminds me of a really big tree house, even though it is on the ground. I am greeted by the staff and the people at the camp. Everybody is very friendly.

Through out the day I check out the camp site. There are nearby rives. I also learn about the reserve’s history. The land was once bought by a farmer named David long ago.

The next day we climb up to Montverde Cloud Forest. The trees here are so tall that you actually see the clouds pass through the trees. (I guess this is why it is called “Cloud Forest”) There is a lot of plant life. Some of the plants are huge; I notice some of the ferns are actually twice my size!

After a couple of hours of trekking, our tour group set up camp under a tall tree. We do a little bird spotting. I hear a bird whistle in the distance, but as I start to search, I notice a sloth in a tree. The tree-toed sloth seemed to climb the tree very slowly, without a care in the world.

When our tour group is done, I eagerly sit down, I am sweaty and tired. I feel like an explorer. I have really enjoyed this trip. I have become more appreciative of the rain forest and why it should be protected.


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